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Concerned about where your business is headed?

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There are many challenges and pressures that can threaten the well being and continued viability of your business. Sometimes, such challenges can be readily planned for and addressed.  There are times, however, when the business and its shareholders can become overwhelmed by the demands placed on the organization. Unfortunately, all too often, this leads to company management becoming paralyzed into inaction. In these situations, it’s time to call in professional help. Windsor Associates’ business revitalization expertise is beneficial to business owners, suppliers, lenders, investors and company board of directors.


How do you know you need Windsor Associates?

Are you waking up at 2AM and wondering if you should tell your banker or suppliers that you’re concerned about the company direction? 

Do you dread going into the office knowing there are 20-30 voice mails and at least as many e-mails in your inbox from vendors demanding payment or calling to change the terms of their credit lines? 

Have you been frustrated by customer relationships or contracts that you think are unprofitable but you aren’t sure how to renegotiate?      

Do you have concerns about what the future holds for the business?  Will it continue to be a valuable asset for the current or next generation of shareholders?  How will your financial well-being be impacted by real or imagined deterioration in the enterprise value of the business?

Considerations such as these only scratch the surface of issues Windsor has confronted in our many years serving as a trusted business advisor to business owners and other stakeholders of a company.  We understand the competing, and sometimes conflicting priorities a company faces in challenging times because we have represented companies, shareholders of businesses, boards of directors and advisors, investors, lenders and suppliers of goods and services in such circumstances.  We have also served as an independent third party representative to judicial federal and state courts.

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