What We Do

Windsor Associates provides valuable solutions to business challenges

A key variable to success when evaluating a company’s situation is being able to size up the threats and opportunities quickly and prioritize an action plan.  This approach also has the benefit of helping to keep consulting fees down.  Although each business has unique strengths and weaknesses we follow a process that allows us to get to the critical issues and resolution effectively and efficiently:

  • Initial free consultation with clients to learn engagement goals and objectives
  • Develop a work plan specific to addressing the goals and objectives identified with the client
  • Evaluate the relevant client operating, financial and management reporting features and capabilities
  • Assess company organizational communication structure and reporting relationships to gain familiarity with the businesses work flow.
  • Review client customer acquisition and service plan profiles and its position within its industry and against competitors.
  • Develop the appropriate diagnostics and business plan(s) to rectify the business issues identified by the client and our process.
  • Work with the client to implement revisions to operating plans including incorporation of enhancements to operating metrics and other management tools to improve engagement success. 

Compensation & Fee Structure

One of the ironies a company often faces when considering the retention of a turnaround firm is where to find the money to pay for the services since cash is usually tight when the need arises.  Generally speaking it comes for a reprioritization of the company expenses.  Shareholders or investors may also serve as a funding source. Existing creditors or lenders may serve as another source of funding if they understand the benefits to the company.  A retainer is generally required to initiate the Services.  The retainer amount depends upon the type and length of service needed by the client.

We urge you to call to discuss the specific issues affecting your business and let us explain more fully the terms of engagement and how our firm will assist your recovery efforts. 

Fees for specific types of engagement

Fees for Windsor services are generally billed on an hourly basis for most consulting services such as Turnaround & Restructuring Services, serving as a Financial Advisor to a client company in a bankruptcy situation and collateral monitoring and preservation services for lenders.

We offer fixed fee arrangements for company Viability Assessments and for Lender Services, such as Borrower Risk Assessments. Similar billing arrangements are also considered  for certain Corporate Governance representation such as serving on a company advisory board or directorship.

Discounts from hourly fees are possible for assignments when we are retained by a client for an extended period of time such as in Interim Management, Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) or Receivership capacities.