Windsor has resolved challenging situations for business owners, investors, suppliers and lenders.

“John did an outstanding of facilitating negotiations with my franchisor, bank and key suppliers.  These negotiations were very complex as they involved creditors having competing agendas.  As we worked with John’s team we examined our restaurant profitability and, consequently, which locations should remain open.  We also analyzed multiple turnaround plans and ultimately implemented one that was satisfactory to all parties.  Windsor also created helpful management reporting tools to help monitor our cash flow and on-going profitability.  Most importantly, John was instrumental in developing a path to rebuilding equity in my company.”

Steven P. Wegner, Sole shareholder, Northcountry LLC.

“Windsor was recommended to us by corporate counsel and I’ve been very pleased they did.  We’ve involved John in three different supply chain companies each in various stages of distress within the apparel industry.  In each case John gave us good visibility into the supplier operations, allowing us to make informed financing decisions and options for recovering our loans.  In one circumstance an outside lender placed the manufacturer into receivership.  John was instrumental in developing an operating plan that re-started the plant and allowed us to get our shipments produced and inventory returned.”

–CEO, Defense technology company

“We asked John to complete a Borrower Risk Assessment of a recreational development in New England where the bank had significant collateral exposure.  There was some concern the loan would become a non-performing loan on the bank’s books.  Windsor evaluated the facility’s competition, benchmarking it against competing club’s in the area and evaluated the multiple revenue sources for process and pricing improvements.  Critically, he gained the trust of ownership and management.  He explained to them the implications of the loan maturities on the business and the steps that could be taken now to help avoid problems when the loans matured.  Windsor’s report, shared with both the bank and borrower, was presented on time, within budget and with straight-forward recommendations the company could act on.”

Vice President, Loan Resolution, Northeast headquartered Bank

“We’ve recommended Windsor Associates into some of our more challenging client's who contemplate Chapter 11 bankruptcy or out-of-court restructuring engagements.  Windsor's team is quick to identify the key issues that caused the financial distress, create an action plan with management participation to address the problems and present the plan and forecasts to stakeholders in the case.  It is very important to our client's success that John is so very well known and highly regarded in the legal community for his straight-forward and honest assessment of businesses.  This helps us in selling the restructuring plan that Windsor has represented all stakeholders, such as banks, suppliers and investors.”

George Marcus, Partner, Marcus Clegg & Minstretta

“We retained John to help the board evaluate its strategic direction after we lost a significant contract that accounted for roughly half of our revenues.  Our company has multiple shareholders most of whom are not active in the business.  They also had been the beneficiaries of a generous dividend pay-out policy.  The company was at cross roads.  John took the board through a strategic planning exercise that included giving each board member an anonymous survey that evaluated each board members tolerance for risk, the importance of their shares to their overall retirement plan and their goals for the company among other topics.  He synthesized the various operating paths open to us, and concluded a value for each option.  The result was the board was able to select a direction of the company that best aligned our objective to maximize our enterprise value within the context of our risk tolerances.  John made an immediate impact on our company and was a pleasure for the board and management to work with.”

Dwight Eaton, Chairman of the Board, Acadia Corporation